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A book is the perfect spark to get the fire going in your personal life, business, career, or ministry.

We work with you to light that spark by managing the publishing process, making it easier for independent authors in the Caribbean and the Diaspora to publish and win with books.  

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Transforming lives for generations through authorship for the glory of God.


To empower independent authors (especially those in the Caribbean and the Diaspora) to publish and pass on culturally relevant books and leave a legacy that will cause our region and the next generation to grow 90 feet tall.

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Who We Are and What We Do

BambuSparks is an online Boutique Publishing Services Provider for Independent Authors in the Caribbean and the Diaspora. We publish legacy building and culturally relevant books .


We manage the publication process and remove the stress and overwhelm that often comes with self-publishing.


We are a one-stop shop to publish your book in three formats: ebook, print (paperback & hardcover) and audiobook. We also offer creative digital marketing solutions to promote your book, increase your book sales and get your message to the masses.

We Serve:

Independent Caribbean authors at home or in the Diaspora, who want to pen, preserve, and pass on their stories, history and expertise in a book.

These include educators, retired leaders, civil servants, business and organizational leaders, career professionals, and anyone with a story/expertise worth sharing and preserving for the next generation.



Our Main Offerings

Our Main Offerings

BambuSparks Management Deals

If you have no time, feel overwhelmed or confused about the publishing process, we can manage the process for you.

BambuSparks will remove the overwhelm and take you from manuscript to market in 3-6 months.  

Conditions Apply

Starts at US$1500

The Visibility Spark

BambuSparks has the perfect Digital Marketing package for you.

Your book is the perfect visibility tool for your vision.

Now is the time to get seen and be heard and increase your impact and income with your book.

Let BambuSparks help you to get media appearances, podcast interviews and get into rooms you otherwise would not.

Our visibility strategies will help you sell more books, get more business and get your message to the masses.

Starts at US$1000


Publish a Book that Changes Lives for Generations

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Meet the Leadership Team

Our experienced team employs tried and proven strategies to quickly publish your legacy building books for you and the next generation to grow 90 feet tall.

C. Ruth Taylor

Founder & Chief Publishing Consultant

Kethjoy Watson

Director & Chief Editor

Racquel Newman

Director & Chief Marketing Consultant

Rohan King

Company Secretary

Books by Some of Our Authors

Their publishing dreams became a reality & so can yours

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