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Welcome to BambuSparks!

Your book is the perfect spark to get the fire going in your personal life, business, career, or ministry. 

At BambuSparks, we help you light that spark by making publishing easier for independent authors in the Caribbean and the Diaspora.  


Transforming lives through authorship and Authorpreneurship for the glory of God.


To offer independent  publishing services and create book-based initiatives that will help people and organizations in the Caribbean and the Diaspora to grow 90 feet tall.

Who We Are and What We Do

BambuSparks is a global independent publishing services and publishing education and training business for transformation.


We provide premium publishing services and training to equip authors to publish and leverage books as a vehicle for their vision, and a tool to multiply their impact and income and leave a lasting legacy.


We blend the creative and the commercial and publish books that preserve both Christian and cultural heritage.


Whom Do We Serve

First-time and established authors with an inspiring story and expertise to share with the world.


These include leaders in various fields, career or business professionals, and ordinary persons with a story/expertise worth sharing.


BambuSparks also trains and certifies publishing coaches.


Our Main Offerings

BambuSparks' Main Offerings

The Rocket-Writing Spark

Struggling to get the content from your head onto paper or too busy to write?

Work with The Rocket-Writer herself, C. Ruth Taylor to get your book (first draft) written faster than you thought possible.

Your manuscript will then be polished and published in 3-6 months (conditions apply).

Starts at US$1500 per month

Self-Publishing Spark

Thinking of self-publishing or managing the process yourself?

Identify the services you need (e.g. editing, formatting, cover design etc.) and one of our approved publishing freelancers will be happy to get it done for you.

Check our services and prices and get the help you need through our Publishing Skills Center.  

BambuSpark Management Deals

For Authors of Non-Fiction & Children’s Books
Feeling overwhelmed or confused about the publishing process?

Need someone to manage the publishing process for you?
Let us manage the process for you from manuscript to market and make your publishing dream a reality in 3-6 months.  

Starts at US$2000


Publish a Book that Activates You for Greater

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Meet the Team

Our experienced team employs tried and proven strategies to quickly turn your ideas, expertise and story into books that you and your organization can leverage for maximum impact and income.

Cameka “Ruth” Taylor

C.E.O & Chief Publishing Consultant

Kethjoy Watson

C.O.O & Chief Editor

Rohan King

Chief Financial Officer

Tasharae Nicholson

Publishing Lead

Racquel Newman

Chief Marketing Consultant

Patricia Fletcher

Publishing Coach

Books by Some of Our Authors

Their publishing dreams became a reality & so can yours.

Media Appearances with BambuSparks' CEO

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