A Journey of Love, Loss and Triumph

In this book, Dr. Brooks presents a catharsis, a treatise, a juxtaposition of anger, fear and faith.

Aaron: A Journey of Love, Loss and Triumph

Preface to the Book

Resilience! Fortitude! Triumph!

What do you do, when God answers you in a way that crushes you, and the crushing leaves you with:

  • Emotional damage,
  • Heartbreak and,
  • Feelings of abandonment and trauma?

Dr. Brooks takes you on a raw, heart wrenching roller coaster ride of unimaginable grief, pain, overwhelming sorrow, and despair.

However, amid the blustery whirlwind of damaged emotions, which leaves the residual debris of loneliness, denial, anger, self-pity and anguish, God remained in the midst and turned what the enemy meant for harm into a story that demonstrated resilience, fortitude, and triumph.

Prepare to be moved and ultimately awakened by this profound testament to the human spirit’s unwavering strength that will bring healing and emotional liberation.

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About the Author

Dr. Angela Brooks is the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands. She has been practicing law for over twenty years. She is currently an adjunct Professor at Kingdom Truth University, Jacksonville, Florida, and she is a marriage Christian Counsellor. Dr. Brooks wears many hats in her community, and she believes in giving back.

She has a deep passion for the institution of marriage and along with her husband, they started an online marriage ministry called “Between Us.” As a devout believer in Jesus Christ, she believes in educating married couples with the truth of God’s word through love and compassion.

Dr. Brooks is a Pastor and Public Speaker. She and her husband, Desmond, have been married thirty years. They have six children and have made their home in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Dr. Angela Brooks
Aaron: A Journey of Love, Loss and Triumph
About the Book

Praise for Aaron

Aaron: A Journey of Love, Loss and Triumph
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